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Thread: The Birder's Way (video)

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    Default The Birder's Way (video)

    Hi all,

    you can watch now "THE BIRDER'S WAY" video on Youtube by entering CldntStndThWthr channel or following the link below.

    It's all about birds, about birding. We all want to be free, don't we?

    HD and full screen, you sould be able to identify no less than 55 species, including some Western Europe rarities and scarcities. All in all, we've had a pretty good season in our mediterranean corner.

    High volume and good quality sound strongly recommended due to the excellence of the soundtrack.

    Comments welcome!

    Daniel Roca

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    This is a Carl Zeiss promotional video and should be in the "optics section"


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    It might be an unashamed commercial for Zeiss, but I actually enjoyed id'ing all the species and seeing the habitats in the sun.....

    Didn't make me want to run and buy Zeiss though



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