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Thread: new Phaner lemur?

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    Default new Phaner lemur?

    Footage from a BBC programme to be aired later today, this excerpt concerning a potentially new species of Phaner lemur, with soundtrack from Massive Attack! First seen in 1995, but still in the works: the path to new species discovery and naming is seemingly rarely smooth.

    Guy M. Kirwan

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    Back in 2000 in cooperation with the late professor Petter, I made illustrations of all the known species of lemurs. All the facts were presented on a CD-rom of the ETI biodiversity center (Lemurs of Madagascar and the Comoros). So since then, although I never have been to Madagascar, and I only seen a couple of species in captivity, these animals have my full interest.
    I'm afraid this new Phaner is an endangered species too, as are all lemurs. And the CD needs an update,

    Frits-Jan Maas

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