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Thread: Hello All and a Happy New Year

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    Default Hello All and a Happy New Year

    Well now, I found out about this place from reading Alex Horne's book Bird Watching Watching, that I finshed earlier today so I thought I'd come in and have a look. So hello form Dorktown!

    Tomorrow I shall be off to do some birding (as we all tend to do on Jan 1), and I think I'm going to have a look at Draycote Water. So it any of you see an guy riding about on a gold-cloured mobility scooter, please coame and say hello.


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    Welcome to Surfbirds, Ron - and a Happy New Year to you too! Good luck with the birding tomorrow.

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    Welcome onto the forum, and happy new year!

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    Happy new year to you too Ron and wellcome to bird forums.
    I am very new too all of this bird blog mellarky but it's a nice way to keep in touch with fellow birders, new , experienced, local patch watchers, or mad keen twitchers!
    Had a nice morning out and managed to catch up with a flock of 44 waxwings at my local Tesco's with a couple of mates which was brilliant because they are one of my favourite birds!
    Saw a couple of stonking woodcock the savo so despite the .... weather a nice day all round!
    On local patches, choose whatever you like RoN, I find that anywhere that has an area of water some trees, bushes, or a bit of wasteland will produce birds if you walk the patch often enough throughout the year.It's amazing what you can find and what turns on your own little area.I had 40 birds this afternoon on an hours walk round my little gravel pit in the middle of a flat field in Cambs
    A happy new year to all of you fab people and have a great birding year,

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