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Thread: Gyrfalcon seen in the Loire estuary and new Dutch sound recordings!

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    Thumbs up Gyrfalcon seen in the Loire estuary and new Dutch sound recordings!

    Hi there,
    At Goose Green marsh in Jersey a superb Red-breasted Goose is showing well!
    An in the Loire estuary a superb Greenland Gyrfalcon is getting
    photograped at Cenoyce sur Loire on the Loire estuary a stunning bird!
    In the Netherlands a few new sound recording guides are coming out now!

    Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern and Western Box Set
    Stokes, Stokes, Elliot and Colver
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    5 CDs, 2 MP3-CDs | #611050 | € 39,95 / USD 45.-

    Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs - Eastern Region
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    Including an MP3 CD with audio in MP3 format with the human voice-over removed. more info ...

    2 CDs, 1 MP3-CD | #611051 | € 24,95 / USD 29.95

    Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs - Western Region
    Stokes, Stokes, Elliot and Colver
    This CD-set includes 551 species, that is more time per species, and more sounds per species than any other audio guide to Western bird songs. Bonus materials, including PDFs with track listings, precise call and song descriptions, and helpful hints on distinguishing sounds of similar species are included on these discs.
    Including an MP3 CD with audio in MP3 format with the human voice-over removed. more info ...

    3 CDs, 1 MP3-CD | #611052 | € 24,95 / USD 29.95

    Shorebirds: A Guide to the Shorebirds of Eastern North America
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    DVD | #621012 | € 24,95 / USD 29.95

    Place your order at

    Tel. +31-84-8396431 (voicemail)
    Tel. +31-525-631139 (warehouse)
    skype birdsounds

    Address: Zuiderzeestraatweg 415, 8091 PA Wezep, the Netherlands

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    Prices in US Dollars may vary according to the exchange rate Euro / Dollar. | Zuiderzeestraatweg 415 8091 PA Wezep the Netherlands

    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in mild Jersey filled with raptors like the Normandy mainland
    opposite with Northern Goshawk at Merveville Franceville and 1,500 Curlew!
    There at Maison de l'Estuaire at Salenelles in the Orne estuary Curlews
    are being shot illegally despite being ilegal under French law!
    Many are probably newly arrived migrants from Russia!
    In Jersey many Woodcock and Jack Snipes and Snipes and raptors.
    In Guernsey nearby superb Waxwings photographed including possible colour
    ringed bird. About 100 hrota in Jersey plus some colour ringed and 50 or so Sandwich Tern!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in mild Jersey with daffodils in flower everywhere!

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    Thumbs up Bay of St Brieuc website and Jersey news.

    Hi there,
    At present in Jersey sleet today with daffodils bursting into flower.
    A Guillemot found near Granville in July had been ringed as ayoung bird on Godin off Herm nearby in 1999 an 11 year old bird!
    In the Bay of St Brieuc excellent birding!
    More details at:-
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in mild Jersey.

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    Default Greenland Gyrfalcon now in Brittany in Morbihan!

    Salut citoyens et sujets!,
    Aujourd'hui samedi le 5 mars 2011 sur la plage de St barbe, Plouharnel, Morbihan 56, observation d'un faucon gerfaut (forme groenlandaise) en vol à très basse altitude (moins de 10 mètres au dessus de l'eau). L'oiseau, d'un vol rapide et puissant longeait le trait de côte en direction de la plage d'Erdeven. Superbe observation, mais si furtive, il est passé à a peine 50 mètres.
    This weekend at Plouharnel in Morbihan in southern Brittany north of the Loire estuary at St Barbe beach flying towards Erdeven a superb Greenland form of a Gyrfalcon flying around southern Brittany this winter now around Erdeven in Morbihan in southern Brittany which has already been photographed!
    Kind regards a Gyrfalcon falcon featurist!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny but a little chilly Jersey near Brittany and Normandy
    where Garganey males and females are already starting to appear from African winter quarters!
    Yesterday at Queen's Valley mud pond in Jersey known locally as Les Vaux des Moulins was a superb Kingfisher a male I think from what I saw of it bill colour probably of the race ispida! Also a dozen Siskins on the Alders by the car park singing already but good to hear the Siskins sinking well a first for the
    year! In the garden at La Rocque a possible Lesser Whitethroat on the fat balls perhaps an Asian race but it flew off before i had a good look and many Bramblings and Chafinches on seeds on the back lawn!
    Best wishes and I saw Bearded Tits yesterday and a dozeen Marsh harriers displaying at la Mare au Seigneur at St ouens Pond near l'Ouziere!
    Bertram. In sunny Jersey au Golfe Normand-Breton!

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    Default Latest Brittany birding news!

    Hi there,
    In Brittany in north-western France at present in the Loire estuary area about 60 Whiskered Terns and some Black Terns plus the odd Caspian Tern
    which are being photographed there and arrivals of hirundines in thousands with many singing Willow Warblers now and 1,700 Little Gulls today on the Lac de Grand Lieu not far from Nantes which has served as the capital of Brittany knoen as Nannmetum in Roman times when Brittany was called Armorique! The land of the sea!
    Details on rare birds like the Green-winged Teal in nearby Normandy still present at :-
    Also news on the Marsh Sandpiper a classic date still in the Bay of St Brieuc
    near Pointe des Guettes!
    Also, the CHN or Comittee of National Rarities in Metroploitan mainland France:-Has a new website on latest news!
    Sinon, le Comité d'Homologation National vient d'ouvrir son site internet, trés bien fait :
    In Jersey today big passage of Willow Warblers after Chiffchaffs in the week with many big numbers of Sand Martins throughout the day with Swallows mostly males!
    Also a pair of Shoveler at La Cache des Pres near Les Pres Manor in Grouville just south of Gorey near the Beachcomers Hotel and many Teal.
    At La Mare au Seigneur 4 pairs of Marsh Harriers and 10 Teal, 13 Shoveler and a pair of Tufted Duck plus 6 Pochard and a probable Black-necked Grebe!
    It was in the distance and withdrew into the reeds. Cettis Warblers singing
    across the Pond and on the Sandpit a Sinensis Cormorant and many LBb Gulls
    perhaps of more than one race but distant without a scope! I have a great Vortex Impact but left it at home at La Rocque where there was a hundred Brent Geese and many other seabirds including Mergansers, Grebes, many Gull species in numbers and birds way out to sea on a big tidal movement today!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in mild sunny Jersey.

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    Thumbs up Stilts and waders moving this morning in the Channel Isles.

    Hi there,
    This morning at Clare Mare in Guernsey on the back Lane in the site good for Stilts the first pair of Stilts of the year arrived this morning.At Queens Valley in Jersey still at least 9 Greenshank with over a hundred with over a hundred Spotted Redshank at Lamor Baden in nearby Brittany with many Stilts and some interisting numbers of migrants including a big passage of thousands of Little Gulls with big numbers of Marsh Terns with Black Tern now of Calais already with good numbers of Whiskered with Caspian and Gull billed and the begging of Common Tern passage in Brittany near Nantes the old capital city of Brittany where Corncrakes ,Tree Pipits and Woodlarks and Cuckoos and Garden Warblers are with hundreds of Bluethroats and Garden Warblers and Savis Warblers plus many hirundines in thousands and hundreds of Grebes and Divers moving through north now with other waders with colour ringed Sanderling of 350 in Grouville Bay in Jersey and 6 Red-breasted Mergansers plus Great Crested Grebe in breeding plumage and Gannets feeding with 250 Brent Geese this morning. Hoopoes passing through both Jersey and Guernsey and Redstart, Pied Flycatcher, Hen Harrier and Ring Ousel and Blue-headed Channel Wagtails with the last Snipes and hundreds of singing Blackcaps and the first dozen singing Reed Warblers and 4 pairs of Marsh Harriers with three pairs of Shoveler and five pairs of Tufted Duck and 3 pairs of Pochard. Only four Lapwing at St Ouens so they are being eaten by the Harriers with the first Montagu's expected soon with 2/3rds of Western Europes birds expected back soon breeding in France and Spain soon with many birds wing tagged in France and satellite tracked with birds breeding on the Normandy mainland where 3 species breed at Vauville sometimes near Cherbourg!Up to 10,000 pairs breed in France and Spain. A Great Northern Diver weighing 5 kg was picked up at Carteret yesterday going into breeding plumage with many others around. If it picks up strenght it may be released soon with a satellite transmitter!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny mild Jersey.

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    Thumbs up Harriers research on French mainland including Loire estuary area.

    Hi there,
    Details of Harriers in France with thousands fitted with wing tags now active so
    any records to Fabienne David of Mission Rapaces with over three thousand
    birders in France assisting the research already any additional records are of great interest and to be sent to the Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux
    Harrier Project recorder Fabienne David!
    In Grouville Bay at present 300 or more Sanderling, 22 or more Bar-tailed Godwits, 50 or more Grey Plovers, 50 plus Oystercatchers, 10 plus Little Egrets, 5 ringed Sandwich Tern of dozens courting on the rocks off Le Hurel slip, 6 Slavonian Grebes in breeding plumage, 6 Great Crested Grebes in breeding plumage, 6 Red-breasted Mergansers courting which breed in Chausey nearby or on offshore rocks and 20 plus Gannets feeding and a movement of probable Little Gulls far out to sea going north just after lunchtime. There were about ten Greenshank in Grouville Bay and a good 200 Brent Geese.Lots of Small White butterflies in the garden and Blackcaps singing.Heron at Grouville Marsh and Swallows singing at Le Hurel slipway.About 30 plus Dunlin propbably Schinzii! I think some Dunlin breed amongst the Harriers near Huelgoat in Brittany near Jersey not far from Mont St Michel EDF reservoir a great birding location with breeding Curlews now and many breeding Harriers with passage Pallid Harriers anfd Kites which die due to pesticide contaminants and Short-toed Eagles which number up to a dozen birds which summer here and are photo identified like the Pallids which can winter occasionally and are become more often noted here!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny mild Jersey.
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    Default Harriers in Brittany near Jersey.

    Hi there,
    With many Harriers now on the move more details are at:-
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree au soleil a Jersey pres de la cote de la Bretagne avec beaucoup de passage miantenant avec le beau temps.
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    Thumbs up Normandy birding now.

    Hi there,
    In Normandy scince the reestablishment of breeding White Storks
    in three key sites in Normandy being:-
    1/ The marshes near Carentan,
    2/ The Seine estuary marshes and,
    3/ The Calvados Marshes near Caen but to the east where 400 pairs of Red-backed Shrikes breed with a few pairs of Great Grey Shrikes each year near the Dives estuary mostly, the Storks really started to breed in ernest in 1970 and now over 3,000 young have hatched in Normandy scince then of which many have been ringed including with colour rings with birds turning up near Moscow ringed as nestlings near Caen in Normandy and now breeding near Moscow having been ringed in the nest near Caen a few years previously.
    A new area is now getting special protection near Regneville in the Sienne
    estuary near Agon Coutainville north of Granville where 15 or more pairs of Kentish Plovers breed each year about 5 % of the regional population which tend to concentrate near the Orne estuary at Maison de la Nature centre at Salanelles where there is an exhibition now on about the Kentish Plovers.
    Also at St Lo is an exhibition on on the region south of Cherbourg and its birdlife. Near the Seinne estuary near Granville is a marsh good for breeding
    Marsh Warblers.
    At present in the Loire estuary 4 species of fritillary butterfly are on the wing plus a rare dragonfly from Africa in numbers like parthenope a blue insect
    of the species ephiphigger! Numerous now and also Loose-flowered Orchids
    now in flower.
    In Jersey yesterday a Slavonian Grebe in Grouville Bay in spring plumage and
    a Great Crested Grebe, plus 50 or so Sandwich Terns and some Gannets.
    Today at Grands Vaux a Whooper Swan and 5 Tufted Duck plus a couple of
    Grey Heron. In Grouville Bay 20 Grey Plover, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit and a Turnstone plus 50 Oystercatchers. Swallows moving through.
    At St Ouens Pond a pair of Little Egret together which breed there.
    Good seabirds passing now.Off Alderney White-beaked Dolphins off Hurds Deep La Fosse de la Hague which went past the Channel with 4 Orques or orcinas orca which now turn up off the French Atlantic coast which are now part of a number of species of Orca recognised to science. In the Loire estuary a Harbour Seal.
    More on Jersey at:-
    The last site on Gibraltar where there are close links with the European Channel Isles.Now here Wood Sandpipers moving through and this morning a couple of Common Sandpipers at Queens Valley.
    At Fremont a Great Spotted Woodpecker and at St Ouens Pond many Reed Warblers singing.
    Best wishes,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny mild Jersey near Normandy and France.
    Kind regards,

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    Thumbs up Most complete guide to bird sounds of Europe.

    Hi there,
    Are offering for sale the most complete guide to bird sounds of Europe of 819
    species of birds in Europe nearly 3,000 recordings lasting nearly 20 hours with
    a loudspeaker for about 90 Euros Bernand Gelling is now offering for sale this special offer if you want to check up on most European bird sounds then this CD MP3 player is for you!
    Including marine species like waders now moving through good sites in Normandy such as the Boucle de Poses near Lery-Poses near Rouen on the Seine where Black-headed Gulls, Mediterranean Gulls and many waders and waterbirds are now present on the GONm or Groupe Ornithologique Normand
    bird reserve near a good Forest alongside for Orioles and Woodpeckers like
    Black, Middle Spotted and Grey-headed plus Northern Goshawk and Honey Buzzards and Flycatchers and Redstarts with often Hoopoes around on the edge of the woodland area.A great spot for a birding break and you can travel by Honfleur near Le Havre where there is a huge number of seabirds and waders with literally thousands of Divers and Grebes in winter off Honfleur
    and on the coast big numbers of Purple Sandpipers and Turnstones with 8 on Jersey' Ecrehous reef on 23rd with 70 Turnstone and in Guernsey a Hoopoe now at the large farm on Rue du dos de l'ane.Terns moving through in Jersey with Common and many Sandwich plus a possible Gull-billed far out this morning seen through the telescope. At Plemont off the north-west tip of Jersey 4 Puffin and 6 Razorbill plus Ravens and Peregrine and Whitethroats
    and Ring Ousels and at St Ouens Pond 4 Lapwing chicks and a Black-headed Wagtail.
    We hope to protect our marine areas soon like the second protected area in the UK just protected off Scotland.
    Scotland's first marine reserve already producing benefits
    20 April 2011 16:07 York, University of

    Under embargo until 21 April 2011 23:01

    Scotland’s first fully protected marine reserve, and only the second in the UK, is already providing commercial and conservation benefits, according to new research.

    After only two years in operation, it is already showing positive signs for both fishermen and conservationists, according to a study by the University of York and the Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST).

    The research, published in the journal Marine Biology, shows that commercially valuable scallops and several species of algae known to promote biodiversity are much more abundant in the marine reserve, where fishing is banned, than in surrounding waters.

    The study follows years of campaigning by COAST, whose efforts helped to turn a small area of seabed in Lamlash Bay, Isle of Arran into a marine reserve in October 2008. Many marine reserves are being developed in Europe and around the world, where they are showing a range of benefits. These areas of sea are protected from fishing and other extractive activities, allowing natural ecosystems to recover and flourish.

    Lead author of the study, Leigh Howarth, who carried out the research during his MSc degree in the Environment Department at York, said: “Marine ecosystems can continue to recover for decades when protected inside reserves, the reason this study is so exciting is because this is just the beginning”.

    One of the most significant findings of the work was that the abundance of juvenile scallops was much higher in the reserve than outside. This was linked to the high levels of kelp and maerl, a type of algae that forms coral-like beds, inside the reserve where adult scallops were also larger and older. As stocks of scallops build up in marine reserves they can start to breed at high levels, helping to seed surrounding fishing grounds.

    Dr Bryce Beukers-Stewart, who supervised the project, added “It is brilliant that our results have provided a win-win scenario. Marine reserves like this can benefit both fishermen and conservationists.”

    Although scallops are not widely consumed in the UK, they are currently our third most valuable seafood species, worth almost £50 million in 2009. However, dredging for them can severely damage some sensitive seabed habitats.

    The marine reserve at Arran is small, but highly significant. The UK and Scottish governments have recently passed Marine Acts, which will fundamentally change the management of our seas. Part of this process will involve setting up networks of marine protected areas around the UK coast, some of which will be fully protected marine reserves similar to the one off Arran.

    Dr Beukers-Stewart added: “Despite some scepticism in the UK fishing industry about marine reserves due to their being largely untested in our waters, the work at Arran provides some very positive and timely evidence about their potential.”

    COAST chair Howard Wood explained: “The University of York’s partnership with COAST is a highly progressive collaboration, because it provides meaningful research for a vital policy area.”

    But he added: “Without political will for genuinely changing the management of our seas it doesn’t matter how many scientific papers are published. We hope the Scottish Government will take this study seriously.”

    Staff in the Environment Department at the University of York have supported the campaign and work of COAST for many years and the Department has also secured funding to continue monitoring the Arran marine reserve for a further three years.

    Notes for editors• Images are available at
    • More information on the Environment Department at the University of York at
    • More information on the Community of Arran Seabed Trust at
    • More information on the success of marine reserves around the world at Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans. 2011. The Science of Marine Reserves (2nd Edition, Europe). 22 pages. Available at:
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in sunny mild Jersey.
    Best wishes from sun kissed beaches and foaming clean pure waters of surging surf from the Atlantic Ocean bringing in much wildlife from the west, north, south and east now with a light easterly blow!

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    Thumbs up Raptors and invertebrates moving through now.

    Hi there,
    With the first European Honey Buzzards on the 10th April over the rock
    of Gibraltar and on 14th April 2 Orphean Warblers followed by Nightjar with Red-necked Nightjars now hundreds of Booted Eagles and Black Kites and Storks are moving north through the Rock of Gibraltar including French ringed
    Garden Warblers which are pouring through now with Nightingales and the Great Reed Warblers are already back in the Loire estaury of the birding area south of Brittany in north-western France where at present at the Pointe de St Gildas about 30 Purple Sandpipers are with dozens of Knot and Turnstones returning from the south with migrant odonata or in laymans terms Dragonflies.
    More at:-
    Latest news and at the Groupe des Naturalistes de la Loire Atlantique website and the LA Twitch team for 44 Loire Atlantique area including the Loire estuary near Nantes and the Briere and Guerande in Breton called Gwenn Rann.Gwenn meaning white for the white saltpans filled with 9 speacies of ardeaidae breeding there and Spoonbills and Glossy Ibis plus Bluethroats and many Stilts. Bittern breed there and thousands of pairs of Marsh Terns now returning in ernest of three species and nearby the Vendee area of bird reserves such as Le Daviaud near the Oya Heliport for helicopters travelling to rare bird mecca island Ile d'Yeu filled with rare birds now and with ferry port also to Les Sables d'Ollonne near Noirmoutier bird reserve of Mullembourg great place to see Gull-billed Terns and Slender-billed Gulls plus
    many rare migrants now like Great Spotted Cuckoo, Spotless Starling and
    Bee-eater there last time I was there! The Marais Breton Marshes are home to breeding Snipe, Short-eared Owl, dozens of Montagus Harrier in fact up to 60 pairs plus Black-tailed Godwits and Redshank and Avocets and the LPO
    or Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux offer birding walks around it.
    Neasr the Oya heliport near the Lagune du Daim is a great place to find breeding Tawny Pipits, Short-toed Lark and Crested Lark plus Harriers and rare Terns like Elegant and wildfowl.
    Pour terminer, à Corsept pour les Hemianax ephippiger toujours bien présents avec au moins 5 couples et 5 mâles en vadrouille. Et quelques vidéos réalisées
    Bertram.E.B.Bree au soleil a Jersey ile de Victor Hugo ou il a trouve une chose un peu sublime.... la paix!

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