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    Default Happy New Year

    Greetings from Galway.

    I've been birdwatching since 1967 in Dublin, Manchester and am now based in Galway since 1993. My interest has waxed and waned with work and family commitments over the years but seems to have stabilised with increased reliance on binoculars over telescope. I birdwatch as I travel and have dragged family to strange places. I have great respect for the I/D kings and queens who can spend hours splitting species, but a trip to antarctica served to put the environmental aspects of birds in sharp focus for me. I photograph (badly) using canon equipment and have settled now for 70-200 2.8 with a x 1.4 converter where required to do context rather than portrait type work.

    Carrying kit on walks is too much for me! The telescope on tripod plus camera plus binoculars is prohibitive.

    If really lazy i shove a canon G series down the back of the 8x 42s!

    As a colleague from years ago said to me after a trip to thailand he found that the more photographs he took the fewer memories he had!

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    Welcome to Surfbirds! I have many happy memories of Ireland, having lived in Cork from 1987-1991 while completing my PhD. Galway is a particularly beautiful part of the country ... I'm envious!

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