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Thread: Migration des Oiseaux Maxime Zucca birds migration.

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    Thumbs up Migration des Oiseaux Maxime Zucca birds migration.

    Hi there,
    If bird migration interests you I like the book by Thomas Alerstam
    which I got at discount from CUP as I am connected to Cambridge University Press having been an active member of CUGC or Cambridge University Gliding Club. I love flying over Fowlmere in a glider with girl sliders and girl gliders
    who share my links with Max Planck Institute in Gerrmany where leading migration of birds work is taking place including work I was involved with at Princeton in Jersey associated with the ELF electromagnetic resonance project better known as the HFAARP or HAARP project near Fairbanks ABO
    Alaska Bird Observatory great in summer near Gakona for research on magnetic resonance effects on birds migrating north from South America that thrive on thousands of species of diptera in particular gnats and mosquitoes
    in trillions there in the trees which Nancy De Witt bands in summer as they return to take up territory in Alaska the biggest States in the USA over half a million square miles in area! Great for birding if you visit Nancy and banders at ABO near Fairbanks in central Alaska along the Yukong river filled with dendroica warblers singing in late spring and benefitting from the sparsity of birders at ABO watching the summering warblers being banded. A great sight.
    I recomment a book by my contact Mzxime Zucca on bird migration in French recently published in France by Oueste France in glorious details an update
    on research on bird migration worldwide with huge references worldwide
    pages and pages long citing worldwide research on bird migration
    including on magnetic resonance!
    Editions Sud Ouest, 2010. 350 pages. Format 17 x 24 cm. Relié / couverture rigide. Prix : 28,50 euros.
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in contact with Oueste France contacts of Maxime Zucca
    who like studying la Migration des Oiseaux!

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    Thumbs up Jersey birding!

    Hi there,
    Cape May in Jersey birding news backed by Jersey birder
    Dr Dave Le Puma a top Jersey birder who knows a little about
    banding in Jersey and the States!
    More on Alaska birding banding projects at:-
    An interesting project on mandible deformities is current
    under progress of interest as over 2,000 birds with deformed
    bills have already been studied at ABO in Fairbanks in the heart of the state of Alaska a State covering over half a million square miles in area
    which for some reason is filled with birds with deformed mandibles!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.Bree in mild sunny Jersey.

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