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Thread: BBC documentary on Iraq Marshes 18/01/11

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    Default BBC documentary on Iraq Marshes 18/01/11

    What a great programme this was last night, and truly uplifting to see such a huge project undertaking in Iraq. Puts our own habitat creation ambitions thoroughly to shame.

    The one part that annoyed me slightly was the misrepresentation of Marbled Duck however. That huge flock of duck were Eurasian Teal, unless i'm making a huge mistake (Richard - if i am, please tell me!). There were obviously Marbled Duck present, as they managed to film a couple in flight and in the water, but the big flocks were all Eurasian. They not only looked like Eurasian, but they sounded like Eurasian too.

    Some fantastic footage of Basra Reed Warbler though.

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    Thanks for the heads up Paul. I had no idea this was on, but now I'll have a chance to catch up with it on BBC iPlayer.

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    Saw the programme and thought it was interesting and informative, and well as sickening. Vandalism of the natural world at its worst.

    It is obvious to all birders that there is much nonsense talked and many mistakes made with regard to birds and natural history in the media. To such an extent that it is more surprising when they get things right. The 'Pygmy Cormorant' on the Iraq programme is a good example, which of course was a Great Cormorant. Followed moments later by a juvenile Eastern Imperial Eagle which they somehow got right. I nearly fell of my seat in shock.

    Don't be too surprised by the Marbled Duck thing. It was quite funny to hear the Eurasian Teal calling as the film-makers were celebrating their find. Of course, there could have been lots of Marbled Ducks, and something went wrong with the editing of the programme afterwords.

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