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Thread: A different Common gull

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    Cool A different Common gull

    Was looking at a group of Common gulls ( S-Iceland ) . One of them first winters stood out as having much paler head and much longer bill .It also looked to much less progressed in moult , only part of mantle feathers changed while other first years had changed both mantle and scapulars . Is it a freak or a sp.of c.... . Sorry for bad quality pics . In one pic the most left bird and in the other behind HG.

    Omar Run
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    Hi Omar.

    It seems to suffer from feather loss around the bill base. That´s the only explanation I can see for this Common Gull. Moult to first winter is variable, northern birds sometimes later.


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    Thank you JanJ . You´re probably right . At least hard to find any other explanation to this look.

    Thanks .

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