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Thread: Migration news from Aquaitaine in south-westerrn France.

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    Hi there,
    On the website:-
    Are details of French migration including news of the wintering Hoopoe at
    Brignogan sea watching point in north-western Brittany north of Brest.
    Also news of wintering Great Grey Shrikes in northern France including
    near Goustrainville in the Dives Valley east of Caen in Normandy
    where the Great Grey Shrikes breed annually with over a hundred pairs
    of Red-backed Shrikes if you want to see the top areas contact the GONm
    or Groupe Ornithologique Normand in Caen University. They have overr a thousand members and many reserves in Normandy and offer birding outings
    throughout the year including in the Seine estaury reserve where a hundred
    Aquatic Warblers are ringed each August with many Marsh Warblers
    and other great birds plus in winter 4,000 Curlew winter here whilst
    only 2,500 winter in the Orne estuary reserve at Salanelles near Merville-
    Francheville which hass great birding plus a birding centre near the Dives marshes and Saint Sampson bird reserve nearby. East of Caen is the Plaine de Caen good for breeding Shrikes sometimes Harriers and Stone Curlews.
    Normandy has also the Biville resrve near Cherbourg la Mare de Vauville and St Come du Monts at Les Ponts d'Ouves reserve near Carentan plus the Lessay CPIE reserve near the naturist beaches at St Germain sur Ay
    where Kentish Plovers mingle with nudes! Over 120 pairs of Kentish plovers breed in Normandy.A research programme is taking place this summer as sometimes German colour ringed Kentish run like Countaches Lamborghinis
    across the beaches of Normandy in July!
    Kind regards,
    Bertram.E.B.BREE in mild Jersey. Where snowdrops and Daffodils are in full flower!
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