Good Afternoon all.

A friend of introduced me to Bibble Pro a photo editor.
At first i say said,,"yeah,,yeah,,yeah,,seen em all".
However,,after playing with this prog for a couple of hours I was amazed by its power.
Sharpning and noise are extremly good features better than others I have seen by long way...Photoshop excluded,,but this is 135 not 600 and not as power hungry.
It actually shows,,sony raws,,canon raws and I presume Nikon raws.
It even has a slideshow,,(totally controllable) that will use RAWS! Great for having a quick flick through the days pics to see the good,,the bad and the ugly.
I have already enhanced some of my old "best" photo's raws and jpg's.
You'll be hard pressed to find features that are NOT in bibble that are in other progs of the same ilk.
BAR ONE,,the help is not that good,,I found many things that help did not cover,,in particular,,how to split screen and make a copy of a picture to see before and after.
For those of you that are into editing this is worth a look.