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Thread: National Nest Box Week 2011

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    Default National Nest Box Week 2011

    National Nest Box Week, launched by the British Trust for Ornithology, in partnership with Jacobi Jayne, will once again take place from the 14 February 21 February 2011.


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    Thumbs up Blue Tit Box

    Hello All,

    I put up a Blue Tit Box in my Small Garden about 3 months ago.

    I put it in the only Tall Tree I have, which is about 9.5 foot High. I've placed it North East facing, about 7.5 foot High. Which I have been told is the Best Placing for our Weather.

    I noticed yesterday that there were Two Blue Tits on the tree, one flew round the back of the tree to take a look at it, went inside, then came back out again, and after about 20 minutes of looking at it, they Flew away.

    Therefore, I would think they are just 'viewing' it as a possible nesting area. I have been told that you are very lucky if you get birds to nest in your new box first year, as they feel very nervous about new boxes, and prefer old, used, nest boxes.

    Anyway, I hope they will come back, I'll keep you all Posted.

    Don't forget to Put up your Boxes this week, If you haven't already.

    All the Best,


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