An interesting issue with an article that discusses the wintering range based on (albeit small) numbers of ringing recoveries of birds ringed on breeding grounds. The article also has many good photos taken on the Taimyr peninsula. It supports the theory that taimyrensis moves ESE to winter on the Pacific coast - though perhaps some might winter elsewhere as LWHGs often have widespread wintering ranges (cf. Caspian Gulls).

Of most interest to me is the use of Larus taimyrensis as a recognised (full) species, which, once again, has slipped under my radar. I had always thought that it was treated as a 'hybrid' between heuglini and vegae.....

Can someone point me in the direction of an article that outlines this, please - perhaps it is the same that has lead the Dutch to treat barabensis as a separate species from heuglini.


Brian S