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Thread: Robins did not go South for the Winter

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    Default Robins did not go South for the Winter

    I noticed that several robins were still here in southeast Iowa only a few weeks ago, during a very heavy snow. They ate all the crab apple berrys off the tree in our yard and also one at work. I have not seen any robins for the last two weeks. Did they all die from hunger? Will they all die if they did not leave for the south?
    Also while on the subject of robins, since they eat fruit and worms are they considered omnivors? Are birds which eat (mostly) grains herbavors? Maybe these words are only used with mammals(?).

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    American Robins will stay put in winter as long as there is food for them; when the food runs out, they'll move on to look for more food. So yours stayed while the berries lasted, and now they've gone elsewhere, most likely south.

    Yes, they're omnivores.

    PS welcome to the forums!

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