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    Default New and please help

    Hi, I'm Nikki and live in the West Midlands.
    Just seen a bird in my garden that I've never seen before. About the size of a sparrow/robin; on the ground (I'd put some mealworms out), bright yellow vertical stripe over its head, light brown body with yellow/green-ish flash on wing. The pied wagtail hated it and tried to chase it off, unsuccessfully. Too big, I think to be a goldcrest

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    Welcome, nice to have you here!

    That would be an understatement however if your bird turned out to be an Ovenbird or a Yellow-crowned Sparrow! If it was you would soon have an enormous queue at your place donating for a charity to get a look. I suspect however, that you have an escaped bird from some collection - by your description it doesn't sound like any remotely possible wild bird. A little more info, especially a photo, even a bad one would be good!

    Best wishes

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