Just to let anyone who might be interested know that I've set up a webpage on Birding in Cadiz Province. It has some general information to the area, links to where you can download some useful leaflets (mainly in Spanish, but still useful) and a review of my 5 top birding sites in the province (well nearly so as one creeps over the border into Malaga!). Details of these sites are taken from my detailed notes on the area (all 70+ pages!) which some here will have used.

This webpage is intended to 'flag up' the province as a must-visit destination for birders. One of several bees in my bonnet is that, despite being a world class destination due to the remarkable raptor migration and being within easy reach of the UK (and northern Europe) the area is oddly neglected by many. I also hope to persuade folks that, great though it is, there's uch more to the area than just the raptor passage. (

I've also made a second attempt at writing a blog on the area - a difficult task as i still spend most of my time in the UK and don't have a computer or internet connection when I'm there.

The address of the website is - http://birdingcadizprovince.weebly.com/

Suggestions, ideas for improvements, positive and constructive comments etc would be welcome (here or via a PM),