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Thread: Feeding fruit to birds and better photos!

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    Default Feeding fruit to birds and better photos!

    Check out the added benefits of feeding old fruit to the birds in my garden.
    see more or different species. like Barred Warblers & Waxwings.

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    Tommy; As 'Bill D' Commented ..... " Beyond jealousy "! Bloody Hawfinch and BW now, is it?

    I had apples out, all last winter. Only got Blackbirds. But, what a pleasure to see how just One of them could hack its way through an apple ~ and so survive another freezing night.

    I'd 'Follow' ye Blog. Only, that'd connect ye to mine. And mine isn't the sort ye might want associating with ye own. Proof positive though that ye have a wider readership than even ye " Followers " and " Comments " might suggest

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    Very nice Tommy, what a lucky man you are. Good to see how versatile The Collin's Guide is with that bit of improvisation.

    Fair Isle is one of those magical places that deserve at least one visit & stay in a birders lifetime. Obviously a yearly pilgrimage would be much better but I suspect it's out of most birders price range, it's certainly out of mine. I've promissed myself one visit, hopefully.

    Regards, Neil.

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    Fantastic stuff Tommy! We will await with anticipation what other fantastic additions you get to your stick list, I know I'm very envious.....

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