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Thread: HX100V Digital compact camera research

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    Default HX100V Digital compact camera research

    I'm doing some research into (not for) Sony cameras. Sony have recently launched the DSC-HX100v It has a 30x zoom and GPS tagging which I think could make it an ideal compact camera for bird watching.

    Am I right though, is this the kind of camera that appeal to you guys? For those of you who don't use SLRs what features are you looking for, what would you like to see on future cameras?

    You can find more details on this camera and other Sony digital cameras here.

    Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

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    I would like to see a Superzoom Compact with a 1000mm lens at about f1.4, with the option to zoom to 2500mm at f2.8. The size of the camera should be about 75mmx32mmx12mm max!
    With a camera this compact I could eat a Spam sandwich while I was birding!!!

    Enough reserach?

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