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Thread: Mangrove Finch - a request for help

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    Default Mangrove Finch - a request for help

    Mangrove Finch - Request for help

    I am currently working on two plates of Galapagos (and associated) finches for HBW. During my research for Mangrove Finch Camarhynchus heliobates, I have come across many disparities with published images and wondered if anyone with more knowledge could help.

    If you look at these links to images you may see that a number of photos look very different. The first two links go to the most recent images from the translocation of finches in 2010, and which have images, which must obviously be Mangrove Finch:- - with an introductory still showing an unmarked bird, but the black bill suggests adult; also, a very interesting video shows marked differences in plumage, with some birds having well-streaked throat and breast and others being virtually unmarked below – like Woodpecker Finch C. pallidus. [The video also has a lot of information on the threats to Mangrove Finch] - good quality stills showing streaks on breast and underparts - plus a lot of information on current population (thought to be c.40 pairs at two sites) and the translocation program.

    This link is confusing at the male photographed has plumage features, such as the sooty head and breast patch that looks more like the developing plumage of a male tree finch; can the plumage of Mangrove Finch ever look like this? -

    Finally, an image labelled as a female by RogerAhlmann -

    What it seems is that there are male and female plumages of Mangrove Finch (contra e.g. Swash and Still, 2000).

    Some published images do not fit with published descriptions (both in plumage and structure).

    These photos by Nick Athanas of a bird seen on Fernandina (out of the known range of Mangrove, but at a historical site) have a much more substantial bill and fits a Woodpecker Finch closely -

    Any comments and help would be very much appreciated.

    Brian S

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    I can send you the two recent papers (Oryx and Phil Trans), pm me. Prob best to get in contact with the people working on heliobates who could then furnish you with reliable images....
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    Default Mangrove Finch

    Did you ever get the information you required for this? I am project manager for the finch restoration and may be able to help.

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