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Thread: Ruddy Shelduck hybrid

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    Default Ruddy Shelduck hybrid

    Hi guys,

    A fellow birdwatcher pointed out what he identified as a Ruddy Shelduck, whilst looking for the Gt White Egret at Marlingford, Norfolk today.

    However, it has a white head and a red bill. A hybrid perhaps?
    On the other hand, after looking at the pale headed variants that are shown (swanton morley) look like what we saw.

    Does anyone agree.
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    I read the title and thought I was going to have to go for that Egret after all - I'd much rather see a Ruddy Shelduck hybrid than a Great White Egret!

    Sadly though, and as you suspect, this bird is no hybrid, nor Ruddy Shelduck, but an Egyptian Goose, just like the pale-headed ones on my site you linked to (and thanks for the link!).

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