Hi all,
Im planning to head to sikkim from 12-15 of march. Im taking the train from kolkata to new jalpaiguri to arrive 12th morning and i am taking the train back 15th night

I was wondering if someone can advise me on where to bird to optimize on this short time, as well as get some trekking done.

I am thinking, birding around gangtok, pelling/pemayangtse, khecheopari lake and maybe head on the low altitude trek trail till Tsokha from Pelling., but i am not sure if i can make it back from trsokha/pelling to new jalapiguri to catch my train, since i have to leave at 7am pretty much on the 15th. I have effectively three days of decent birding, perhaps less, considering part of 12th will be lost in travel as well.

any help with local contacts, advice on accommodation will also be appreciated much,

Although, Im based outside India, I dont necessarily would like to pay 40-50$ per head per day as I cant afford it and Im indian. Is it possible to do a semi-independent trek and maybe hire our own small vehicle/jeep? or which tour operator would you recommend?

many thanks and cheers