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Thread: Hornemann's Hoary Redpolls

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    Default Hornemann's Hoary Redpolls

    I've been lucky to study a large number of Hoary Redpolls in the last year, and have written an article on my experiences with the subspecies. It is designed to introduce someone to Hornemann's, if unaware before. Direct link here:

    I encountered a large feeding flock of Redpolls on Feb 18, 2011 in northern Ontario, which contained at least 4 Hornemann's, which provide many of the images for the above link. This winter has produced several "Hornemann's" in Ontario, and they could still be moving south. This subspecies has records in Ontario well into April, lingering longer than expected - so the next month could be a great time to try and find these snow-monsters!

    Happy Birding,

    Brandon Holden

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    Great stuff, Brandon - thanks for posting this! Some terrific photos with well chosen comparisons between forms. Your male 'Snowmonster' up in a tree, dwarfing a Greenland Redpoll, really is a sight to behold.

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    Great post! A nice bird and a nice find along with some awesome photos. Congrats!
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    Well done - nice educational photos

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    Excellent photos Brandon, thanks for posting. It is interesting though to see what you call Greenland Redpolls look completely different to the presumed rostrata we see in Iceland and the ones I have seen on the east coast of Greenland, which are much browner all over than the ones in your shots.

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    Some stunning images and some cracking individual birds - particularly the ''snowballs''. As others have already commented, the birds labelled as Greenlands do not concur with rostrata-types which we record annually in Britain - these are more likely 'American Mealy-types' which I have come across quite often browsing various North American and Canadian websites. They are actually very similar in plumage and structure to birds I frequently relate to as ''Icelandic Redpolls'' and it does make one wonder how many of these are actually turning up in Britain

    Very best wishes


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