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    Last winter´s presumed Thayer´s reappeared yesterday on the same area, at San Ciprian. Galicia, NW Spain. We´ve spent many days looking unsuccesfully for it this winter, so it arrived most likely yesterday, together with good numbers of LBBGs heading North.
    Now being a 4º cycle, primary pattern looks perfect, as you can see on the many pictures we took yesterday, posted both at
    and also on Europe Stop Press gallery. We will upload more shots and videos later.
    My main concern now is whether a pale eyed bird like this can be Accepted as a national first or not... I mean, we all know a small percentage of pure Thayer´s can show such pale eyes, and that if this bird turned up in the USA, even on the East Coast, it would definitely be identified as thayeri, but I´m still not sure if it should get accepted on this side of the Atlantic or not (a similar debate to that of the UK´s pale winged Slaty backed)... And can a hybrid Kumlien´s x Thayer´s be ruled out with 100 per 100 confidence?

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    This bird looks very good to me and as you say fits well within the normal variation of thayeri - pale eyed individuals not being that unusual. Kumlien's Gulls average less extensive black in the primaries, more often than not only having black in the outer five primaries. Kumlien's Gulls also, in my experience, have a deeper shade of reddish-pink in the leg colour

    I would be very tempted in accepting this as a first record but the ball is obviously in your court. Presumably, it may well pass through SW and NW Britain on its way northbound....

    All the very best


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    Photos of presumably the same bird at the same location from February 2008:

    Sure looks a good Thayer's in those pics!


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