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Thread: A review of, A Photographic Guide to Birds of Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kali

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    Default A review of, A Photographic Guide to Birds of Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kali

    This handy little guide covers 252 of the more common species one would encounter on a trip to the island of Borneo. The book starts with an introduction to the island and its avifauna and a guide on how to use the book and a short glossary. There is a whole page that explains the handy corner tabs, a silhouette of each family of birds on a color background for quick reference. Next comes a few pages on the Borneo environment talking about the endemic birds and their habitat and the importance of each of the major environments one would come across in a trip here. There is also a short section on field equipment and a map plus a page on where to find birds in the three major areas, montane, lowland and coastal areas. From page 14 to 139 comes the bulk of the guide which is the identification section. Two species are shown on each page with a good colour photograph. A description of habit, habitat and description are also included. There is mention of confusing or similar species and a few notes about voice as well. The last line mentions range and occurrence. Over all this is a handy little guide for someone on a short trip, a novice birder or someone looking to get a general idea of the birds of Borneo, the corner tabs make for a quick reference when flipping through to find a species and there is a handy reference page at the back on further reading. Another big plus is the small size making it ideal to take into the field.

    Mike Nelson

    You can buy this book at the discounted price of 6.39 through Amazon here
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