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Thread: Some european butterflies

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    Default Some european butterflies

    Hello everyone
    some shots of some common European butterflies
    in my website I have a gallery on the butterflies of Europe with more than 100 species, if you want to see :

    Black-veined White-(Aporia crataegi)

    Brimstone- (Gonepteryx rhamni)

    Spotted Fritillary-(Melitaea didyma)

    Iberian marbled white-(Melanargia lachesis)

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    Carlo, I must say, these pictures are fantastic!

    I am a birdwatcher, but have recently shown interest in butterflies and popped down my local Moor recently and made a small butterfly count. The site is of special scientific interest so is a prime spot for butterflies.


    Clouded Yellow
    Small White
    Large White
    Speckled Wood
    Red Admiral
    Painted Lady

    Anyway, back to your pictures. They are superb, I've seen no butterfly pictures this good before, not even in my Guide!

    Keep up these amazing pictures.
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    Some great photos.

    Though the photos aren't as good as yours, I use Matt Rowlings site to help with ID -

    Brian S

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    Thank you very much Old World Warbler
    thank you Brian
    That is a very good website for butterflies
    My prefer is this :

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