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Thread: Dramatic Video Shows Bird Strike at Wind Turbine

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    Exclamation Dramatic Video Shows Bird Strike at Wind Turbine

    American Bird Conservancy today distributed dramatic footage showing a wind turbine striking a bird - a poignant illustration of the dangers posed to birds by the burgeoning wind industry. The footage will also appear as part of a wind TV commercial to be run on major networks later this week. The commercial encourages viewers to sign a petition asking that wind power be made bird-smart.


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    Strange that the bird hit seems to be an Griffon Vulture, an old world sps! Why would you have that on an American website? ?

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    The point is, wind turbines kill birds. It makes no difference whether the footage was taken in the US or, as in this case, Greece.

    This video came to light about a year ago I think. I am pretty sure there was a thread on Surfbirds.

    They have used this footage because film of a bird strike is extremely rare, unlike the strikes themselves which are worryingly common.

    If you are a birder and your immediate view is a cynical one, then I worry about the rest of the population. (Or maybe you were just showing off your bird i.d. skills)

    The video makes me feel very very sad.
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    The real kicker is that wind power is about as effective as a chocolate teapot as an alternate power source. Pure cr*p, but our respective governments seem intent on pushing down our throats and doin' the 'green bit' despite plenty of evidence that it's, in fact, useless. If they really were serious about less-polluting, 'greener' power sources, then go hydrogen and ditch petrol!! But on the plus side, lines of mostly-static turbines look so pretty...oh, wait a minute.....

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