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Thread: Hawks at a Distance - out now!

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    Default Hawks at a Distance - out now!

    Everybody that spends any time hawkwatching will hopefully find useful id. tips and a wealth of info in a new book just out.
    Hawks at a Distance by Jerry Liguori (Princeton Press) is sure to make us look at hawks from a slightly different perspective.

    Check it out here on my blog:

    (..may have to scroll down a little)


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    Here's my review of Hawks at a Distance.

    I imagine that most dedicated hawkwatchers already have a copy, as they will get the most out of this book. But any North American birder can find something useful here. Combined with the author's previous work, Hawks from Every Angle, this is the complete guide to the identification of migrant raptors in flight.
    Grant McCreary

    The Birder's Library - Bird book reviews and news

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