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Thread: Brambling at my Feeder? photos!

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    Default Brambling at my Feeder? photos!

    3 male Bramblings showed up yesterday in my garden. I've seen them eat under the feeder but never on the nigerseed with the Twite?
    Photos and more on my blog...

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    I've had up to 30 Bramblings on my feeders all winter (in Leeds). They prefer the sunflower hearts but did also join the Goldfinches on the niger feeder quite often.

    Numbers have been dwindling in the last week or so. We had a male and two females on Saturday 23rd, a female on Sunday 24th, then none for the last two days. Looks like that's it.

    Before they left, one male was very close to full summer plumage. Beautiful. I was closing our moth trap at dawn last week and one was singing. The first time I've heard the song in the UK.

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    Beautiful birds and great photos!

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