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Thread: Thayer's Gull on Fair Isle

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    Default Thayer's Gull on Fair Isle

    Images of the putative Thayer's Gull on Fair Isle can be seen here

    Looks as good as some claimed, but any opinions.

    Brian S

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    Could be - might not? But from these two pic I would not draw any conclusions.
    The basic pattern of wings seems in line with thayeri but the quality of the flightshot makes the contrast to big. What´s up with the tail?


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    Default Thayeri

    ...basically agree with JanJ....if I saw this here in CT, on these views I'd be already thinking Thayer's Gull.

    The overall shape and structure, color and dark bill have that 'thayeri' look. The wing pattern, with a noticeable dark secondary bar and that solid-looking tail pattern all fit. The pale tips to the tail often shown in first-cycle thayeri would probably have worn off, so I'm not sure the pale areas are due to wear...not sure exactly what is happening with such a broad diffuse area at the tip, either??

    By now, I'd expect the bill to be rather fleshy-based but I think better photos (if any) would/might lead to more firm conclusions.

    Julian H

    PS I'd rather have that Caspian plover on Texel to gawk at...sob, sob!

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    This individual is similar in many respect to the 'Thayer's-type' Gull at Rossaveel, Co. Galway, earlier this winter. Photos on facebook here by Dermot Breen:!/...00000332798085

    Although they don't show it, the bird shows a similar tail pattern, with pale edges and tips - there's a photo in Birding World that illustrates what I mean nicely. I was amazed to see so many people confidently running that bird as a Thayer's (especially as it was a big old bird as well, bigger than many Herrings).

    I wonder whether these things are Thayer's Gulls.


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