Two major milestones have been reached - the 2,000th species was loaded onto the African Bird Image Database (AFBID) of photographs and the 1,000th species onto xeno-canto Africa, the catalogue of shared bird sounds from Africa. These two databases are now the main online resource for birders with an interest in Africa, and are found on the ABC website:

AFBID was launched by ABC in 2005 in partnership with Bird Explorers and Birding Africa, and since then over 700 photographers have loaded nearly 16,000 bird images representing the 2,000 species all photographed in Africa. Many people use the database for help with identification. A comprehensive range of search capabilities allows the user to find images of particular species and to view different species within countries.

xeno-canto Africa was launched in 2008 as part of xeno-canto, the leading website for the storage and retrieval of songs and calls. The system has comprehensive features which include powerful search and mapping capabilities and the ability to identify mystery songs. Sixty sound recordists have contributed over 2,500 recordings representing 22 hours and 1,000 species.

ABC and its partners plan to maintain these as primary resources for African ornithology for many years to come, and would welcome new photographs and recordings from anyone who has birded in Africa.