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Thread: Eggers at large in West Midlands

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    Default Eggers at large in West Midlands

    Just a heads up to be on the lookout for eggers in the English Midlands.
    I had a communique from a local birder that there were three characters with rucksacks and dodgy bins at Croxall Lakes in Staffordshire who were obviously looking for nests, of anything. The police were called but they had left by the time anyone arrived. Please be aware of unusual characters on your patch. The car was a silver Vauxhall Vectra estate, reg No. X57 HAB, with a "Sandvik" parking permit in the window. Presumably from the Coventry/Nuneaton area.
    If these people are seen in your birding area contact Ellie Sewell, the Tamworth Wlidlife Liaison Officer on 07854 774573, or your own local W.L.O. if further afield.
    Many thanks.................Patchman13.

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    Patchman 13; Accepting that ye report has the ring of truth about it .....

    We need more heads ups like this. If those involved are innocent (I'm a BTO Nest Recorder myself) they could damn soon allay suspicion.

    Surely 'Real' Egg Collectors must number in only the double figures, in this day and age? The more we know of them, the harder we can make it for them.

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