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    Default Film cameras

    Does anyone still use a SLR manual camera with film any more. Or is everyone using digital cameras today. I used 2 different Minolta SLR's from the 1980's for years. Put the stuff away because I did not have the time to take photos. But now would like to get back into doing photographing.
    Part 2 what is a good camera to use now.

    New to the forum. From Oswego, New York right on the shore of Lake Ontario.

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    Film is dead
    Get a good digital SLR and you will never even think about going back....not that there is even anything to go back to! Film is hard to find, expensive to process, and if you shot as many film frames as you would shoot in a year of digital, the savings in film and processing alone would pay for one hell of a camera! There is simply no comparison between even the absolute finest film expertly processed and a good digital SLR image. Plus, the freedom to process your images in every conceivable way from your desktop in seconds is a massively huge advantage that cannot be overstated. There is not a single solitary point in favour of film in this day and age, and I should qualify all this by saying I am bit of a luddite at heart. I was slow to switch from film, I hate almost all modern technology, and I strongly feel that there is a tendency for technology to delude people into thinking there is a shortcut that can bypass or overcome the need to learn or develop technique (and this goes beyond taking pictures, but I digress.....)
    Shop around, get a good digital SLR body, get the best lenses you can afford (much more important than a good body when it comes to image quality) and perish the thought of trying to follow the film ship to the bottom of the ocean where it will forever lie....
    Just imagine you and your buddy are out birding and you both snap a quick shot of a little something that seems out of the the time it takes you to fumble around and manually focus and hope you remembered the adjust your shutter speed, your buddy is already zooming in on a crystal clear digital screen image of a bird that he took 6 frames of in one second. Now imagine going on a trip where you want to shoot a lot of pictures and having to reload film every few minutes....KNOWING 90% of your shots are .... while your buddy calmly snaps thousands of higher quality images on a single memory card of which he has three handy.
    Don't think twice my friend, let the dead rest in peace.

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    Well, I heard that film does not suck...

    I use film and digital and enjoy both and get results I like from both. The results are different and each is good. It is easier and cheaper to learn on digital. B&W on film is yet to be matched. The economy for digital once you have the equipment is unmatched by film, but film equipment is cheaper (free if you kept it?) and you can buy & process a lot of film for the upgrade costs that go with digital. For birding I always use digital. For all other styles I pick and choose as the mood takes me. Film is not hard to find and can be processed now for less cash than in the 1980s.

    Any and current DSLR has superb quality (even the cheapest). If you used Pentax, Minolta or Nikon film cameras you can still use the lenses (Sony camera for Minolta). Handy. Otherwise, pick your budget and play with a few to see which ones you like. Compact System cameras offer similar/the same quality in a smaller camera.
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