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Thread: Weird (White?) Wagtail .....

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    Default Weird (White?) Wagtail .....

    It's starting to get on my tits now. I'm seeing it most days, seemingly. When I thought it was just passing through and I could forget about it.

    I've never had the bin's on it. But, despite eyeballing it from as little as ten foot, I just can't seem to get a satisfactory conclusion. I'm not intimately 'up on' White Wag's. And my eyes are terrible!

    Thing is, I mentioned it to me Mentor, the other week. He reckons he's had a couple too. And he lives two hours south of me. I believe he might have said they're supposedly coastal, here.

    Anyway, this bugger's taking the rise now. I looked out my window, today, to see it in my compound! I grabbed a full zoom shot. Through the glass. Barely had time to aim. But, it barely shows there's a bird there. Most of all, the head's virtually invisible. I'll not waste ye time by showing it

    Then, this evening? I was on the track, 150 yards from here. Flew back over my shoulder towards the cattle crush I first found it in.

    Collins. 1999. Page 251. " White / Pied Wagtail ". From what I can make out of it, with my naked eyes, it most favours the top left two; 1st Winter or Ad. Winter Alba.

    What? Middle of May? In Eire? What's going on?

    Are there any other plumages one might find on a female White at this time of year?

    And; Yeah. I Have rushed home for the bin's. Little bugger's always vanished by the time I get back there though. It's doing my head in.

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    On migration to Iceland, where it'll be nesting next month.

    According to the latest snow map, over half of Iceland is still snow-covered, so there's no great need for it to rush on up north.

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    Aha! Michael F and his trusty Snow Map, eh?

    Ok. So it sounds like 'common sense' has won through here. It is indeed a passing White ~ and, seemingly, nothing to write home about as they appear to be occurring right up the spine of Eire just now.

    However, it still irks me to be forced to accepting an ID on just 'Common Sense'. At least I got half a look at the White Fronts ..... Granted; About all I'm getting of this " Individual ".

    I'd still ask though; Is there any plumage which might acceptably have given my tired old eyes the impression stated above? I mean, this bird's really Gray. Virtually no Black on it.

    Imagine if ye'd drawn the perfect Pied Wag, in various pencils. Then some idiot had tried to erase the whole thing, in a crafty rush. Then ye caught them at it.

    That's how this bird looks to me. I just can't get a black bib. Cap. Anything.

    I see it and it all goes a bit Eighties on me!

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