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Thread: Rustic Bunting - Fair Isle

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    Default Rustic Bunting - Fair Isle

    see photos (Record Shots) but good photos today of waders...
    Dunlin Sanderling & Purple Sandpiper. Cheers!

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    That 'Purple Sandpiper' looks a mite overdone!

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    Two of the Dunlin images you show are interesting as they show the differences that some of the Dunlins passing through at the moment have. Most are 'typical' for the UK, dark and less orange above - Whilst others are more richly coloured orange -

    This one by Steve Gantlett at Cley shows just how rich some of them might be -

    China -

    USA - - very long bill typical of hudsonius - note also the moult in the coverts (not sure how significant this might be)

    Brian S

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