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Thread: White Storks hunted down

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    Default White Storks hunted down

    The largest flock of White Storks ever recorded in Malta shot at from several different locations, as the birds sought overnight shelter in Malta.


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    On the 18th May 2011, a flock of approximately 210 White Storks (Ciconia ciconia) arrived in Malta. The flock was immediately greeted by gunfire, which continued throughout the following days the flock spent in Malta.

    The birds had all departed Malta by the 22nd May. By this time, BirdLife Malta had witnessed several birds gunned down, received shot White Storks and seen a number of birds in flight with gunshot injuries.

    Members of the public have been outraged by this incident, sharing their experiences and publicly condemning the events through BirdLife Malta’s website.

    Visit this page of our website to find out what happened and how you can take action against this annual illegal slaughter of protected birds.
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    Default kevin

    This is an utter disgrace and is mostly due to the Maltese goverment opening a spring shooting season for turtle doves which may I add are getting much rarer and have diappeared from many parts of Hampshire in the last few years. These birds were held up on the island for 3 days until they could migrate once again. Reports from birders in Malta say 205 were seen on the first and 87 departed on the last. You can work out how many were shot for your selves. My question is should Malta be thrown out of the EU until they can get their house in order!!!!!

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    Default an update

    In a development on this appauling event, two men arrested in relation to one of the shooting incidents were sentenced yesterday.

    In a real landmark case for hunting in Malta, one was given a 2 year prison sentence and €9000 fine and the other a 1 year prison sentence and €5000 fine.

    You can read further details of the case here.

    This is a big step forward in the campaign against illegal hunting. A big part of this campaign is running conservation and monitoring camps such as Spring Watch and Raptor Camp, which is this Autumn, 14th September - 2nd October. Details here.

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