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Thread: Action against illegal falconers in italy !!

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    Default Action against illegal falconers in italy !!

    Dear my friends
    I sick an important help from is a really shameful and terrible situation in Sicily with illegal falconers in last years....
    It sems that among 50% to 80% of the juveniles LANNERRS feldeggii and Bonelli's Eagles are being taken from the nest by a bounch of falconers. We know who they are but nobody is doing anything in Italy to arrest and stop them, you know what kind of distaster hopeless and terrible gouvernment we have in last years !!!!!!! (or always !!).
    So I need your help and could you be so kind to write the following mails

    Don't forget that Lanner feldeggii is one of the most endangered and rarest taxon in WP

    To the Italian Environmental Minister

    Al Ministero dell'Ambiente Italiano

    (3 different mails)

    Dear Minister Prestigiacomo,

    I'm from ..... (your country) and I love Italy, it is one of my favourite touristic destination, and this mainly for the wonderful nature and history. However, I must change my idea and never come again to Italy, also telling to all my friends not to come and to AVOID Italy if the real shameful problem of the illegal raptors trading and collecting would be not stopped. In fact, in the last years, a group of falconers are illegally stealing from their nest most of the Lanner and Bonelli's Eagle that breeds in your nice region: SICILY !!

    It seems that up to 60-80% of the young are taken from their nest each year. Those two raptors species, are among the rarest and most protected in Europe by the EU and the Lanner is one of the most endangered taxon in the whole Europe with only less than 400 breeding pairs.

    So, I ask you and your government to do all the possible actions against this shameful and totally anti-EU phenomenon. Also, they sell the juveniles to the illegal market, making hundred thousands euros tax-free and in black, fully illegally !!!!!! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE ON A CIVIL COUNTRY...IF ITALY WILL NOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST THIS, I WILL NOT COME AGAIN TO VISIT THIS COUNTRY ! ND SO WILL DO ALL MY FRIENDS !!!!!


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    Hi Andrea

    You know my feelings on the issue of the illegal collecting of young falcons and eagles in Sicily (and Italy and anywhere for that matter). If the authorities are unwilling to do anything about it (for whatever reason) then it falls to others to try and protect the birds. I am sure that conservation bodies such as BirdLife and RSPB need to know about the issue, and they have some political clout.

    Where are the falcons that have been taken going? Are they selling them to the ME market? If so, then action needs to be taken there also - this seemingly endless 'requirement' of ME falconers for wild birds must be changed. Without a market things may happen.

    Keep up the good work; you know you have my support.

    Brian S

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    Hi Big Brian (though Small ,

    thanks I know...

    RSPB and BirdlIfde has been informed by me too.... and they willing to help as usual

    I'm tring all the possible way, even getting involved some TV programs (though oyu know I hate and do not wtahc TV but sometimes it helps!)

    The falcons are sold in the ME market but also around Italy and Europe, as Germany and possibly even UK... we still have to descover all the underground



    Did you recovered from the Sicilian trip ? Too much food, too much Sicilian drivers and too much silly young Fennel !
    And the Sicilian Rock Partridge calling and singing right in front of us
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