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Thread: Phoebe Won't Leave!

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    Question Phoebe Won't Leave!


    For 4 years I've had the same two Black Phoebe's have their young in a nest under my pool waterfall. Normally, the young learn to fly and hang around a week or two and then leave.

    Not this time!

    We had 5 babies, 4 left. One has decided she's not leaving. She's been staying in the nest for nearly 3 weeks after her siblings left. She sleeps there most of the day, coming out for snacks and then going back in and sleeping all night. The most active she's been was, funny enough, when she came out to steal my dogs hair and some random yard bits to apparently expand the nest her parents built.

    She actually patched it up, made it bigger and moved in full-time.

    The problem is during the time of building (we redid the pool and tore down the last nest but normally leave it be)...and while the young are here we don't let the kids swim in that area or jump from the waterfall. Needless to say, her refusing to leave is throwing a wrench in the summer plans for the kids.

    Is this normal? I've never seen such a thing or such a lazy bird. She appears to fly fairly well and successfully hunts, she also watches me and knows I have bird food. I feed a lot of birds here by hand, I live by a wildlife and bird sanctuary (basically my back yard). She sees me feed my scrub jays, and other birds (even a crow) and has learned I'm not a threat so I can swim by her, no one else though.

    I love the birds but she can't stay. She's leaving a mess in the pool which throws off the pH really fast.

    How do I convince her it's time to go? I don't want to take down their home because they reuse it yearly and I felt bad making them rebuild this past year.

    Maybe she's a late bloomer!?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Just let the kids swim as you'd expected - it'll either get used to them, or else move elsewhere with no harm done.

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    I feel quite silly to have never thought of that, lol. I always worried they'd splash her and her end up spooked and getting hurt. I'll let the kids go back to the crazy pool jumps and see how it goes. Thanks!

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