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Thread: Unusual sight?

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    Default Unusual sight?

    New to birding and to your forum...sent here by a nice woman named Sarah Toner. Saw these two beauties in my backyard yesterday and thought it was unusual.

    If these are snow geese, like I think they are..that this is a pretty rare sight for us here in Central New York about one hour from the Cornell Ornithology Lab. I believe they are migrating from the southeast coast to Northern Canada or beyond? Anyone out there know?

    Sarah questioned whether they might be hybrids/escapees or perhaps captive birds and told me I should try asking here. Not sure where else to go to find out. Sorry the picture isn't better. I was scrambling!

    I can't answer for a few days as I'll be out of town, but I'll get back to anyone who responds, next week. Thank you!

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    Yep, Snow Geese. Perhaps injured birds that haven't been able to cope with migrating north to the normal breeding grounds.

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