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    I was looking through my photographs yesterday (photos 8490 & 8492 - taken in late afternoon / evening) and came across these shots of a Lark I saw on 22nd March 2011 in Dhahran (Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia). I remember at the time thinking I should try to identify the species / subspecies when I got home, as it looked very different from the Greater Short-toed lark flock I had seen on 18th March, but due to other commitments it slipped my mind. The bird was alone.

    I am wondering if the bird is a Greater Short-toed Lark possibly of a different subspecies to those that I had seen earlier (photos 8154 & 8173 - taken in afternoon) as the bill size and shape looks quite different?

    I am planning on putting the shots on my website but before I do so I want to be certain of its identity. Please can anyone let me know their thoughts on this birdís identity? I will obviously credit the surfbirds website and any individuals who help when I put the shots on my website.

    Thanks in advance for any help
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