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Thread: Happy Citril Finch Day!

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    Default Happy Citril Finch Day!

    3 years ago today I was lucky enough to find and correctly identify a Citril Finch in my garden... a first record for Britain... I'm still celebrating. cheers!

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    It's now also 'Happy White-throated Robin' day for the ringers at Hartlepool Headland! Well done to them and, belatedly, to you.

    I don't think I've ever found anything even remotely unusual on June 6th. I'll have to wish myself 'Happy Dunnock Day' instead (there's one outside my window now).

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    By a strange coincidence one of the ringers involved in todays bird (Mike Gee, the second observer to see it) was also second observer of the Citrl Finch!

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    well done Tommy - celebrate it every year.

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