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Thread: Highlighting The Obvious, Perhaps ....?

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    Angry Highlighting The Obvious, Perhaps ....?

    Ok, so I'm a member of a ~ by invitation only ~ little forum dedicated to people who like to " Mooch " about with their Lurker Dogs. Opportunist, 'pot filler' types, most of them.

    Now; I've bitten my tongue when someone's shown a photo of their Dog going after a female pheasant, flushed out of tall meadow grass in May

    But, This little exchange did my blood pressure no good what so ever!

    Basically; OP has shown a picture of a pretty big fox. Shot on a North Yorkshire 'Grouse Moor'. Someone says something to the effect of; " Nice work. One less grouse chick killer. "

    OP wrote, in reply: " there (sic) the least of our troubles. "

    To which another member ~ someone who may well read this very site, as it happens, asks:

    " Cracking fox, I've never seen one so big, but what you said above made me curious. If foxes are the least of your troubles I'm wondering what's worse. Is it disease? poachers? maybe weather? "

    OP Replies: " the biggest problems are not on the ground , the least said about that subject the better i think ,hope i dont sound rude."

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    So saying .....

    Thing is though, see; They show his face and tell us his address. Presumably, angry people are now expected to go round there and demonstrate their own disquiet? And £10K? Ok. He's effectively bankrupt. If this has cost him his job? He's unemployed and bankrupt. And now the tax payers must support him and pay his fine. Reezult all round!

    Yet, absolutely no mention what so ever of the b@stards who employed this guy. Who absolutely undoubtedly Told him to 'sort out' birds of prey. Who are now free to employ another toadie and tell him to 'Be Bloody Careful!'

    Wouldn't it, surely, be better if ye big, rich bod's like the Rs'pb spent their (members) money on lobbying to drag the 'Lord Goodshot' type moor owners or " Company CEO's " who lease and run such places into the lime light?

    Bent Gamekeepers are just mercenaries. Wipe out an army of mercenaries and who ever employs them will just hire a fresh bunch.

    Is that really such rocket science?

    Meanwhile; Business as usual around the grouse then ..... FFS.

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