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Thread: Sligo / Mayo ~ Hobby?!

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    Default Sligo / Mayo ~ Hobby?!

    Keep ye eyes out, peeps! Because, put a gun to my head and I'd have to swear that's what flew past here, fifteen minutes ago! Heading your way.

    This was no more a Kestrel than it was a horse and cart. It was just 'Wrong' for Peri' too. Wing span, 'thinness' seemed out of all proportion to the body. 'Tache Stripe was pronounced, dark and perfect. Very adult Peri'. But those wings? Like flying on scaffold bars!

    I only got the passing look. My mind instantly said " (OMG!) Hobby! ". Then Collins said; 'Don't be stupid!'. Now, Google's just twisted its lips and made a sort of; " Mweeeeeeelllll ..... " sort of noise.

    Any Subbuteo's spotted out west after I post this? I'm claiming that sucker!

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    Still seem pretty rare right up in the northwest Ditch but lots more records from the southern (and eastern) counties these days; I'd imagine your eyes weren't deceiving you!


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    That's great news! Cheers, Josh

    Thing is, out here (as in, Locally) " Under Watched " would be a heck of an understatement.

    Bit like the Dog barking, deep in the middle of a forest, where there's no one around to hear him. Is he still a 'Bad Dog'? I see a 'rarity' in the relative middle of no where; Do I have to be mistaken?

    Reminds me of the time a Great Shearwater came screaming past Flam'. Left me and half a dozen other guys with our eyes bulging and our fists stuffed in our own mouths.

    I'm on the line and screaming, " Tell them to look out for it at Filey!!! " Voice came back, all cool and reasonable; " Ditch: If that bird stays on course? By the time it reaches Filey, it'll be about thirty miles out to sea ..... " Whoops!

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