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Thread: Hello and Help! Two Crazy Little Birds in our yard

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    Default Hello and Help! Two Crazy Little Birds in our yard

    Hi. We live in NJ, and have a large backyard that backs up onto 40 acres of undeveloped property, so we have tons of birds which is fun to watch, but now we have two crazy little gray birds who keep flying into our living room picture window every few minutes. We are afraid that they have lost their minds and they are hurting themselves with the flying into the glass. What can we do?

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    This happens a lot with big windows, either because the birds just see a reflected extension of your yard (so think they're just flying to another part of it ... then WHAM) or because they think they can see a clear line of flight right through your living room and out the other side. In spring, male birds will sometimes repeatedly attach their own reflections in the belief that they're driving off a rival. Here in the UK one thing that has been found to work well is to cut out some black outlines in the shape of birds of prey and stick these to the inside of the window - several companies here sell these 'stick on' raptors specifically for this.

    Or you could
    go for padded windows
    fit the birds with tiny crash helmets
    have a scarecrow in your living room (not a good option if you have small

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    Hi, welcome to the forum! These may help:

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