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Thread: Greetings from Illinois

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    Default Greetings from Illinois

    I just recently started "backyard birding". I'm in suburban Cook County and here is a list of birds that visit my yard regularly.

    -House Finch
    -White Breasted Nuthatch (very elusive, hard to get a good picture)
    -Misc. sparrows (hard for me to identify right now)
    -Black capped chick a dee
    -Purple Martins
    -Mourning Dove

    Here's a couple pictures of the house finches that frequent my feeder. Hope you enjoy.
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    Hi Andrew, my in-laws are in Riverwoods, so once a year I get out to your part of the country and enjoy the feeder birds that we don't get out west. Winter can be good and will be a chance for your feeders to bring in some new species. Not sure if you are far from Ryerson Woods but if so, that's a great place to check out when you feel like branching out from backyard birding.

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