I have recently put up a new and comprehensive update for all the records currently with BBRC : called the Work-in-Progress or WIP file.
To upload it go to http://www.bbrc.org.uk/workinprogress.htm
This will be the last update before the Annual Report for Rare Birds in Great Britain 2010 which will be published in the October issue of British Birds.
To get that issue go to the BB web site http://www.britishbirds.co.uk/
There are still a few more decisions that will be made before that issue, as well as a number of already assessed records that are currently circulating around BOURC and which will hopefully be completed for that October issue.
I would welcome any more reports for rare birds that you know of in 2010 which are not in the WIP file.
Also any errors that you can see in the file, such as observers initials or spelling errors for locations etc then I would like to hear from you.
Nigel Hudson, BBRC Secretary