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Three or four years ago, as birders became interested in reducing the carbon emissions that go with chasing birds by automobile or plane, you will remember that a simple web page was launched by birders from Montreal to enable those interested in green birding to register their commitment. We had expected perhaps a couple of dozen people to sign up, instead we got hundreds.

Sadly that web page and our ability to manage it efficiently was never conceived for such unexpectedly large numbers and eventually management of the page had to be put on hold. In its short life, we unearthed a lot of people who felt about this as we do, and who agreed that reducing the effect we have on our environment while in pursuit of birds makes a lot more sense than adding unduly to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – reducing, not eliminating; we are realists.

Since then, bloggers and other enterprising birders have used the internet to speak of their experiences.. It is.clear that self-powered, local birding is growing in popularity. What has been lacking since the original web page is a single rallying point offering a voice for green birding and a central organisation (in the continuing absence of suitable ABA categories) willing to record green birding achievements such as Green Big Days and Green Big Years (Bigbys). A site, in fact,.that will promote local in-depth patch birding, habitat conservation issues etc … because this goes much further than simply reporting listing achievements.

Now, with the advent of better technology, the original Bigby coordinators have re-launched an improved website for green birders.

Joining is FREE and commits you to nothing, but as the numbers mount we will better be able to demonstrate the viability and importance of this option to all birders – really we just need your support right now, anything more is optional.

We are INTERNATIONAL, open to birders from all countries and are completely committed to maintaining this service for a very long time. The site includes a discussion forum and has a better facility to register your interest and support than before. It will be a place where we can share experiences, show that there is an alternative to “traditional” bird chasing and encourage those new to this game to join in. You will be able to record and compare your green birding lists etc via a simple submission form. We will publish a compendium of your green birding achievements but will not clutter your inbox. Join us and go birding responsibly. We are not competing with anyone who has come on the scene more recently – our intention is essentially one of spreading the word and recording achievements, so if you would like to link your site or blog to this reborn one please contact us at the address below.

Our GreenBirding logo is available for anyone to use who wishes to demonstrate their green credentials and spread the word by using it on their own (non-commercial) websites and blogs – right-click and it’s yours, but please link to our site. In order to defray the costs of hosting the site, we have a few good quality items bearing the logo available for purchase. Any excess profits (we should be so lucky) will go to bird conservation charities – and members will get to choose which.

We look forward to hearing from you and registering your support.

Richard Gregson (and friends) in Montreal.
email :
(note - .ca and not .com … a speculative web company holds the .com domain to ransom)