Hi all,

Lots going on at NAB.

Skrentny and I made another 900-mile round-trip bid this week for a couple of new birds for our state lists in Illinois. The story is in two parts:

Part 1- "Muddled Duck": http://www.nabirding.com/2011/07/13/muddled-duck/
Part 2- "Stuck": http://www.nabirding.com/2011/07/13/stuck/

Dave Dolan is still in the Idaho:

I recount a tale from my days as a kid birder involving a Snow Goose and a cop:

Sy Montgomery tells of the danger of lead poisoning poses to loons:

...and of course, the latest Rarity Watch is up. Check it all out at NAB:



-greg neise
Berwyn, IL