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Thread: Young Sparrow

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    Default Young Sparrow

    Another young sparrow from Mendocino county CA. Taken July 1st. Probably just a Song Sparrow but the bill looked a little small.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kozmik111 View Post
    Another young sparrow ..... Probably just a Song Sparrow .....

    I'm sorry. But; Just try stating That in UK

    This sort of thing always reminds me of, oh pushing thirty years ago now. We had a massive US ship docked in Portsmouth (Forestall?). I was once hurrying past a green patch when I heard one of a a group of guys exclaim:

    " Hey! I think I just saw a Blay Ak Burd!!! ". And his mates rushed over. Bless!

    To this day, I wish I'd had the time, the where with all and the money to have just said; " Hey, guys ..... Farlington Marshes is a $2 a piece taxi drive from here. Let me take ye there and show ye around. "

    My god. The pleasure of being able to say; " Yeah. That's a Redshank. There's a Rock Pipit ..... " I swear to god: To this day, that incident haunts me.

    Dunno. Ye may be as useless as me ~ these days. But, surely, giving others the 'Blue Tit'. 'Great Tit'. Yes. But we don't call them Chickadee's. Ooh, how lucky are you?! That's a 'Long Tailed Tit' ..... experience?

    Got to be The Dogs, surely?

    " Just a Song Sparrow "

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    Hi Kozmik, I would agree it's a Song Sparrow

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