So; I live in what was a family farmstead cottage. Right bang in the middle of nowhere, Co. Leitrim. Nothing in view out there but open countryside. Honestly; Liam Neeson couldn't find me!

And, yesterday, Chris', my Ringing Trainer's with me and we're just stood outside, chilling. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a bird through some trees. Flying along the 'river' about seventy five yards to our right. Looked kinda white.

" Was that white thing a Wood Pigeon? " I said. Even as I said it, Mr Spock's voice is saying; " Illogical, Captain. Woodie's aren't 'white'". And then I'm haring after Chris, who without a word has just sprinted, like a man possessed, round the side of my cottage! I'm screaming, " What?! What?!?! "

This river ~ actually more like a tiny canal ~ runs dead straight, north to south, to a lough I can see from my window. I chased after Chris, as he rushed out my gate and threw himself against his motor, putting his bin's up.

Everything was happening so quickly, I was in a complete state of total confusion. But, Chris's cry of " Male Hen Harrier!!! " soon cut through all that!

He thrust his ~ rather superb, actually! ~ bin's at me and I caught the most mind bendingly crippling view of this magnificent bird as it wheeled round, above the reed beds!

There then followed about five minutes of both Chris and I bending and gasping and generally going, " Oh Wow!!! " Quite the experience!

Killer is though; I saw one a year or two back. Exact same spot too. Coming out of the north, down that river. It actually dropped into the reeds at the side. I decided to wander down there and have a look for it. But, there was no sign of it when I got there. I just doubted my own sanity. Told myself it must've been a woodie and to stop being silly

Of course, mentioning this to Chris', yesterday, it all worked itself out; I'd probably seen the bird drop onto some prey. Then, as I'd walked round my cow shed, blind siding myself, it had simply flown on, out of sight.

What was I expecting? Bloody thing to be sitting there waiting for me to walk up to it?!

Tell ye; It all goes on out here! Hen Harriers, Hobbies, Leitrim's got the lot. Crying shame I'm the only hopeless doughnut out here to See half of it!