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    Default Cuckoo

    I think this is a juvenile cuckoo,,if it is ,,then it is my first sighting and very pleased.
    Gore cliffs, Isle of Wight.
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    Indeed it is! Nice one.

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    Tis indeed a nice one! Great that ye managed to get that shot too, Rod.

    Now, here's a mad little bit of trivia for ye, inspired by that bird: Cuckoo's are a very popular subject of 'antique' Taxidermy. Miserably, I'd reckon the Corn Crake is Numero Uno. There must be more old, stuffed Corn Crakes out there than any other single species of bird.

    Why? Because they both have a hell of a call and yet are, to a degree, elusive. No internet, in those days. No David Attenborough programmes. No 'Collins'.

    And so a man could amaze and amuse his friends by pointing to the Crake / Cuckoo in the glass fronted box on his mantelpiece and declare that That is what makes that distinctive call that was so familiar, back then.

    Imagine that, Rod. A time when Corn Crake's were shouting in fields across the Isle of Wight and Hampshire. So common that everybody knew that call. And now .....

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