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    Last weekend (Friday 22nd July) I went to the normal wader roost between Dammam and Al Khobar in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Plenty of waders were present at the site but they all appeared to be small waders with very few of the larger waders present. As a result I looked further back towards Al Khobar, and as the tide was very high, and managed to find a large group of roosting larger waders including good numbers of both Whimbrel and Eurasian Curlew for Saudi Arabia. Whilst checking these waders I also came across two Crab Plover which was an unexpected surprise (see photo attached).

    I have tried to find out how common Crab Plover is in Saudi Arabia, but have not found much information, although records from the one or two birders I have spoken to are very few and far between. It is unclear if this is due to lack of coverage or lack of birds.

    Further photographs and details can be found here

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    I saw 4 crab plovers on the Farasan Islands on a brief visit in March. HBW says that the islands hold one of the 2 or 3 breeding colonies in Saudi, the others being Al Wajh bank and (possibly) Qishran Bay.

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